The Flutes

My flutes are based on original models from XIX century, being the  Pratten Perfected (of Boosey) and the Rudall & Rose the models that have a major influence in my flutes.


Big holes

Based on the Boosey's Pratten perfectted. This model have big holes and big bore. They give a bigand warm sound.

E flat flute

Medium holes

Based on the Rudall & Rose flutes. This model has a smaller holes than the big holes model and also a smaller bore. It has less volume but with a correct embouchure you can achieve a very focused and warm sound.


Both models have tuning slide for a better and more accurate tuning.

The heads could be fully lined or partially lined, being the former brighter in sound.

Every head has a "head screw" that makes easier moving the cork in the head.


The tenons could be lined with thread or with cork. I prefer the threaded tenons because it is easier to change the thread and you can make it at home if you need to.


Flutes can be made in D or in E flat (both keyless)



All my flutes are made using african blackwood (Dalbergya melanoxylon). Although other woods can be used as the mopane (Colophospermum mopane), ebony (Diospyros ebenum) or other woods if available.


The rings and head linnings are made usig nickel silver but sterling silver can be used if requested.


Every flute is sent in a soft hand made case and with a little wooden box for the corck grease (both included in the flute price).


Please, contact with me to get more information about prices and waiting list.